Canadian Writer Conferences and Associations

Writing is difficult, any endeavouring author or published author will tell you that. Writing is also not a journey that can be embarked upon alone. You need others, particularly those in the writing community, to help you along. This is the only way that you can really improve as a writer and to fine-tune that novel that you have been writing. This is one of the main reasons that writer associations and conferences exist. They give budding authors the structure, guidance and aid that may be required. Fortunately, there are many good ones around. Here are some of the ones that you should be paying attention to:

The Canadian Authors Association

This association is dedicated to ensuring that writers across Canada are provided with the guidance and resources that they require to succeed. Regardless of your level of success as a writer, you will be able to find the help and services that you may need. The Canadian Authors Association works with authors across all categories and genres. In addition to providing assistance, this association also works to keep writers abreast of current events that can prove to be helpful. This includes such things as contents, writing seminars, and conferences. There are branches in Alberta, Montreal, National Capital Region, Niagara, Peterborough, Toronto, Metro Vancouver, and Waterloo-Wellington. The CAA also hosts its own conference each year. This is the CanWrite! conference. The event is held in a different region every year. It allows writers from all over Canada to congregate, discuss, network, and improve.

The Writer's Union of Canada

If you wish to become a member with The Writer's Union you will need to be a published writer. This can either be in the traditional sense or be a self-published individual who falls within the required criteria of the Union. However, published authors are not the only ones who can benefit from the various services that this union provides. For instance, the association hosts many competitions, some for the emerging writers. They also offer such services such as manuscript evaluation and various writing and reading programs. They also offer advice and networking contacts in the literary world.

The Writer's Union also holds a conference each year. This is open to the public and consists of workshops, panels, and lectures. There are also separate activities that are limited to the members of the Union.

Professional Writers Association of Canada

If you are freelance writer who focuses largely on non-fiction, then the Professional Writers Association may prove to be quite useful. The Association has progressed to become an entity that is a lot more attuned to the new environment and issues of current writers. They cater to individuals who write across a variety of mediums. This includes print, digital, entertainment, sales, marketing, and much more. Regardless of what your niche may be, you will certainly be welcomed here. There is also a great deal of support to be found in terms of maneuvering the employment rights of writers.

There is a yearly conference held by the Association. It takes place in a different city every year. The conference can be attended by members and non-members alike. There is also a banquet held each year. Some aspects of the conference are even live streamed for those who cannot be physically present.

Associations across Canada

There are also numerous associations that are situated and cater to particular regions of the country. This includes such entities like Writers Federation of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. There is also the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild, Quebec Writers' Federation, Federation of BC Writers, and Manitoba Writers' Guild. You can also find associations for specialized styles of writing such as poetry, speculative fiction, screenwriting, and much more.

Conferences across Canada

Much like there are associations that are designated for certain areas, some of the recurring conferences also occur within the same boundaries. Here are some of the more popular ones across Canada: The Writer's Guild of Alberta holds an informative and incredibly helpful conference in Alberta, once a year. Individuals who are members and non-members are encouraged to join the discussions, workshops, and the festivities. This conference can be attended by writers or budding writers from all over Canada.

Surrey International Writers Conference in British Columbia is also definitely worth a look. This event is held every October. This conference is inclusive of writers encompassing all abilities and genres. Not only is it extremely enlightening, it is also a great networking prospect for newbie writers. There are editors, authors, and literary agents in attendance as well. All of these means exciting opportunities for new writers. The Ontario Writers' Conference is another great event for writers of different types and experience. This is largely because writers will be able to sit down and go through their manuscripts with seasoned authors. There are also able to attend numerous workshops to benefit their writing. There is also the chance to speak with all types of influential individuals in the industry. These are some of the most prominent and useful associations and conferences that you can be a part of as a writer in Canada.

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