WELCOME TO “L3 2014” – we are now in our 7th year!

LINE-UP CHANGE: James Bartleman will be appearing at L3 for the DAYTIME PROGRAM only, due to a health issue in his family. If you were hoping to attend the EVENING READINGS in order to hear Mr. Bartleman, contact BRIAN ADDUONO at badduono@scdsb.on.ca and he can arrange for you to attend the DAYTIME presentation.

TEACHERS/SCHOOLS: Email B. Adduono A.S.A.P. to get your students involved. NOTE: L3 is now only $10.00/student for ALL 3 Sessions (2 keynote addresses + 1 workshop choice). L3 is appropriate for all students grades 9 through 12.

Barrie North Collegiate’s iDeology program & the 7th Annual  “L3: Writers’ Conference” once again welcomes some of Canada’s finest authors, poets, novelists, journalists and activists to Barrie.

By day, L3 is Ontario’s largest high school literary event.

By night, L3 is Barrie’s largest authors’ celebration. L3 has put Barrie on the ‘literary festival map!’

L3 2014 promises to be another exciting and meaningful celebration of Canadian writers, journalists and activists.

ROBERT J. SAWYER                                ERIC WALTERS

MARINA NEMAT                                       PRISCILA UPPAL

RH JAMES BARTLEMAN                                    TOM EARLE

GORD “Trixterboy” BRUYERE               DALE PATTERSON


Please join us Thursday, May 1, 2014.



All REGISTRATION will be by EMAIL:  badduono@scdsb.on.ca
Daytime program for students and teachers:  see Schedule & Registration and Author Profiles TABS above.


All tickets @ THE DOOR only – no advance sales.
EVENING READINGS begin @ 7:00pm.  $20/Adult   $10/Students
For detailed information about presenters, and links to websites, see Author Profiles TAB above.

Book SALES and Author SIGNINGS on site.